Promoting ethical children's clothes and toys - eco friendly sustainable organic cotton

We all know about organic food – food that’s produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Even if we don’t know the definition, whenever the word “organic” is used, we tend to think “better” or “healthier”. Cotton versus organic cotton should be no different.

Here’s a few of the reasons why organic cotton is superior to organic cotton:
♥ It’s softer and kinder to your child’s skin a it doesn’t contain any toxic or allergenic substances.
♥ Organic farmers tend to get paid a fairer wage for their crops.
♥ Organic farmers and their families suffer less health problems thanks to less exposure to chemicals from pesticides.
♥ The cotton is more durable when its fibres haven’t been broken down by pesticides.
♥ It’s better for the environment – no nasty chemicals are used which means no contamination of local water sources or soil.
♥ It’s better for the planet as organic farming used less energy than regular farming.

Due to all these reasons, organic cotton is the perfect material for children’s clothes and toys!

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Image from Organic Consumers Association.

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