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Start as you mean to go on – how you start your day can define how your whole day goes. The same goes for your children. Helping them to begin their day in a great way can ensure that the rest of their day is just as great. And getting them in the habit of good morning routine will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives too!

The first step to a great morning begins the night before! Get the kids to make sure everything is ready – books in bags and bags by the door. Make a list of key items (bags, coats, shoes…) and make sure they’re by the door too so there won’t be any last minute panics in the morning. Finally, ensure they have a great nights sleep with a comfy pair of pyjamas!

POSITIVITY. It’s so important to stay positive throughout the morning. Children will respond much more to a calm parent. After seeing you calm and positive, they’re more likely to be calm and positive during their school day. And you’ll feel much better once you complete the morning without getting too frustrated or stressed out!

Routine is really important. Try to wake them up at the same time every day, even on weekends, with plenty of time to get ready. A routine will make it easier for them to wake up and go to sleep every day.

Make the bed! “Making the bed creates a domino effect, triggering other healthy habits throughout the day,” says Karin Sun, mother of two and founder of luxury bedding and bath company Crane & Canopy. It’s easier to tackle big things later in the day after you’ve accomplished something already, even something as small as making the bed.

Make sure they have a healthy breakfast. Prepare breakfasts that are quick, easy, and stress-free, and save the more complex stuff for the weekends when you have a bit more time. Give them a choice (wwith limits) too – children are much more likely to get involved with a routine that they feel they helped to create. You might want to reward your children for finishing getting ready by allowing them to watch TV while eating.

Walk to school if you can! Walking is much healthier than driving, and has plenty of extra benefits you may not realise too. Read our blog post on why you should walk to school here! Whether you’re walking or driving, maintain that positive attitude on the way to school by asking them about what they’re going to do that day – why not ask things like “what’s the best thing you’re going to do today?”? You can also use the time to sing – learn some songs or make up new ones! Or you can play – I Spy or number plate games are timeless classics.

These six ways to start the day can help improve not only your kids’ moods but your mood too! They can also help instil a healthy attitude to things like a good morning routine, positivity, and exercise, which will last for years.

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