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Here’s a few pretty good reasons why you should, if you can, walk your children to school… 

A great way to start the day – walking is a great form of exercise for the whole family and starting off the day with some exercise can help get your metabolism going. It can help improve your kids’ moods and general wellbeing and helps everyone feel awakened and energised for the rest of the day. 

Long-term health benefits – all exercising comes with long-term health benefits and walking is no different. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity and it also promotes a healthy attitude towards walking/exercising which they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. 

Educational – children will spot plenty of things on the way to school and it’s a great chance for them to learn about nature and where they live. They might even spot some things you’ve never noticed! Walking to school also provides you with a chance to teach your children about crossings, traffic, and other road safety, as well as the different areas of your neighbourhood including where they should and shouldn’t go. 

Quality time – it’s a chance for you and your children to talk. You can ask them about what they’ll be doing that day, and on the way home you can ask about the friends they spent time with and what they learnt. This could be extra valuable for parents who feel like their children spend too much time on screens! 

Good for the planet – it’s a great way to reduce your CO2 emissions and helps to avoid sitting in that annoying rush hour traffic! It also allows you to avoid finding a safe and legal place to park, one of the most irritating parts of the school run! 

It’s free! No equipment required – just make sure your kids have suitable coats on wet or cold days and comfy shoes – check out our girls’ rainwear and boys’ rainwear that you can pair together on rainy days! And you could save up to £300 a year on petrol! 

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