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Eco-friendly New Years Resolutions!

If you’ve been too busy to think about New Years Resolutions or just want a few easy ones that can help you become more eco-friendly, then look no further! Here’s a few eco-friendly resolution ideas to help you become more sustainable and help save the planet. They can help you save money too! ♥ Don’t… continue reading

Tips for working from home sustainably

Here in Wales, we’ve recently entered another lockdown. The “circuit-breaker” lockdown lasts just over 2 weeks and is supposed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and ease pressure on our NHS. In Wales, and around the rest of the UK, lots of people are still working from home. Working from home comes with many… continue reading

Promoting ethical children's clothes and toys - Organic Foods September

How to get involved with Organic September

It's National Organic Month, and here's a few tips to help you ORGANIC YOUR SEPTEMBER for little cost! 1. LOOK OUT FOR ORGANIC IN YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET Lots of local supermarkets have their own organic ranges which you can pick up for affordable prices! 2. PRECISION BUY Loads of food gets wasted, especially when bought... continue reading