Sherpa Lining

Sherpa is super soft and luxurious to touch and is used to line all sorts of clothing including lots of our raincoats. It’s named after the Sherpa people of Nepal, as it resembles the wool-lined clothing that they wear to protect themselves from the cold. However, rather than wool, it’s typically made from cotton, synthetic fibres (such as polyester), or a blend of the two. Despite not being genuine wool like what’s used by the Sherpa people, it’s just as soft and snuggly, if not even more! 

Here’s a few of our favourite things about sherpa… 

It’s cruelty-free! It’s also referred to as faux-sheepskin or faux-shearling because it resembles the real thing and can be used in the same way. The main difference between the two is that it’s animal friendly – no animals are used or hurt in the making of it. 

It’s warm and soft but also light. It can insulate clothing just like shearling but without the weight or the bulk. It’s got two sides¹ – the fuzzy, soft, wooly side and a smooth knit side that keeps all the fluff in place. Together, these two layers are amazing at retaining warmth and heat, making it the perfect lining for outdoor-wear. 

It’s easy to clean and maintain. A lot of spillages can we wiped right off the fibres, but anything that doesn’t wipe right off can be cleaned off with some cold water and some baby-friendly washing powder. It’s also quick-drying which is perfect for when you need to use it straight after a clean and this also helps to make sure you won’t sweat too much in it. 

Sherpa Lining on Confetti Hearts Splash Jacket
Look how warm and cosy our Confetti Hearts Sherpa-Lined Colour Changing coat looks!

Sherpa is amazing because it’s warm, easy-to-maintain, and animal-friendly. That’s why you’ll find it in some of our clothing. Click here to see our sherpa-lined clothing!

¹ Living Textiles Co. Australia – 6 Amazing Characteristics of Sherpa Fabric

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