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It’s that time of year again where kids, especially as they get older (and smarter) will start asking questions about Santa that may be difficult to answer… The biggest thing to remember is: Santa is magic! This simple fact can always be used to dodge the actual truth and help keep Santa believable.

Here’s some frequently asked questions with some of our suggested answers!

How does Santa get in when we don’t have a chimney?
Well, he’s magic! He might send a tiny elf through to open up a door from the inside, or you could buy (or make) a special key that you leave outside on the evening of Christmas Eve.

Where does my letter to Santa go?
Obviously, it goes to Santa. Don’t forget that Royal Mail do a Letters to Santa service every year! You just have to post your letter to Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ, by Friday 11th December, and you’ll receive a letter back by Christmas. You can also write and receive your letter in Welsh. Click here to find out more!

How does Santa deliver to everyone?
Santa has the fastest reindeers in the world which allows him to get round from house to house in seconds! Some families don’t want Santa’s help and some get their gifts delivered early so they can look nice under the tree leading up to the big day.

What do naughty children get for Christmas?
You can threaten naughty children with less presents on Christmas Day, or – if you’re really mean – no presents at all! You can scare them with stories about how you were naughty once and all you received was an orange and some coal…

Are the Santa’s we visit in shops the real Santa?
Santa is very busy around this time of year so he asks for help from all his lookalikes around the world! The real Santa does go to a few shops/grottos when he has time though, so make sure you take them to visit the shops with the real Santa in.

Is this mum’s handwriting on my gift tag?
Sometimes Santa’s so busy he forgets to add the gift tags on so he has to call up parents before Christmas and tell them what to write!

What does Mother Christmas/Mrs Claus do?
Like all mums and wives, Mrs Claus keeps the operation running behind the scenes! She makes sure Santa and all his elves are doing their jobs in a timely manner, and cooks him lovely dinners to eat every day!

What does Santa do when Christmas is over?
Once Christmas Day is over, Santa goes home to the North Pole and has a big sleep! When he wakes up again, he starts preparing the naughty and nice lists and all the gifts for next Christmas.

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