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The benefits of walking your children to school

Here’s a few pretty good reasons why you should, if you can, walk your children to school…  A great way to start the day – walking is a great form of exercise for the whole family and starting off the day with some exercise can help get your metabolism going. It can help improve your kids’… continue reading

Promoting ethical children's clothes and toys - Hatley

Why we love (and supply) Hatley

Image: John and Alice Oldman, founders of Hatley. Hatley is a family-run business. It was founded in 1987 by husband and wife John and Alice Oldman, named after where they’d recently moved to from Toronto – North Hatley, Quebec.  And despite Hatley since becoming a global brand sold in 38 countries around the world, it’s… continue reading

Promoting ethical children's clothes and toys - Little Green Radicals fair trade children's clothes - logo

Why we love (and sell) Little Green Radicals

Little Green Radicals make ethical and beautiful clothing for babies and kids. They were the first, along with a few other companies, to get Fairtrade certification in the UK, back when the company started in 2005. The certification means a promise of decent working conditions throughout the whole supply chain.1 All the clothing (and even… continue reading